Our Story


Jane Shand: Designer

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The world of wool has formed a major part of my life. I grew up on a sheep farm at the bottom of New Zealand’s wild South Island, and later became interested in hobbies such as spinning, wool dying and hand-knitting. These crafts nurtured my love of wool and allowed my design and creative skills to flourish.

The joy of creating woollen fabrics and garments has never left me and the unique characteristics of merino in particular, have allowed me to produce garments of the highest quality.  No other fibre is superior to the comfort, warmth, breathability, elasticity, durability and sustainability of this extraordinary fibre.


Anton, Liz and William Gibson – Growers

"My family are sheep farmers and with their help I’ve been breeding and successfully entering competitions with my coloured superfine and ultrafine merino fleeces, for over 10 years. The quality of my fleeces has been recognised with many ‘Supreme Champion’ awards throughout these years. I constantly strive for perfection in colour range and style. It’s a huge thrill to see my fleeces being used to produce Jane's beautiful and timeless designs.” – William Gibson 

New Zealand merino is sought after around the world for its exceptional whiteness, softness and lustre. William’s parents, Anton and Liz, grow this special, ultrafine (below 16 micron), white merino applying the same skilled attention to animal husbandry and excellence in breeding as their son William.

"I include this in a number of my designs, combined with William’s naturally coloured merino in woven and knitted scarves, or eco-dyed for my range of fashion knits.The superior warmth, comfort and softness speaks for itself." – Jane Shand

Jodie Gibson – photographer

The farm is a true family affair, with Jodie, William’s sister producing the video of the farm, the shearing and the interview with William.

WATCH : An in depth interview with our grower, William Gibson

WATCH: A unique view behind the scenes at the shearing shed 

The Makers – a special thank you

The merino wool sourced from the Gibson’s farm is much finer (thickness 14-18 micron) than is usually grown and processed in New Zealand. Most of New Zealand’s merino clip is washed, combed and spun in countries such as India and China.

Due to the fineness of the fibre, great care is needed to produce a yarn of sufficient strength, fineness and durability. Several artisan companies including spinners, knitters and weavers, have retained a production base for wool processing here in New Zealand. Their consistent innovation and attention to detail have allowed me to use traditional knitting and weaving structures, with the addition of design elements such as contrast and pattern to enhance the qualities of my beautiful merino garments.

New Zealand grows some of the very best merino in the world and it just makes sense for me to keep my base here, both environmentally and socially. It is an exciting day when a new design prototype arrives and knowing all that has gone into its making, I can truly claim with confidence that all my garments are made entirely in New Zealand, from Lamb to Loom.


Sustainable ‘Farm to Fashion’

  • Rare merino in beautiful natural colours ranging from taupe, oatmeal to chocolate are used in many products
  • 100% natural merino fibre traceable to one farm
  • No shrink resistant chemical treatments
  • Local production – entirely New Zealand made
  • Sustainably grown and produced
  • Biodegradable product and packaging