Product Care

Caring for Jane Shand Design Merino

To retain the natural qualities of the merino wool and allow the natural oils to remain, as well as being mindful of the environmental impact of textile processing, I have chosen not to chemically treat the garments. This means that a little more care is required to retain their luxurious properties.  All tags contain Care Instructions, but it may be helpful to read the following:

  1. Avoid sharp objects which may snag your garment. However, if this happens, a thread can easily be stitched back in place. Alternatively, by simply stretching the material around the edge of the snag, it is possible to return the loose thread to its rightful place.

  2. Washing – Soak for 20 minutes in lukewarm water using a small volume of organic wool wash. This allows the moisture to penetrate all the way through the fibre. Squeeze the garment gently and lay flat to dry away from direct sunshine. Woven products may be steam pressed. DO NOT MACHINE WASH.

  3. Storage – Fold flat and store away from direct sunshine. The garments will keep their shape perfectly if treated in this way. Woven products may be hung for storage.

  4. Pilling – My products are made from merino wool which has been classed professionally to select for consistent length and strength. They are therefore much less likely to pill than other woollen  products and animal fibres.

However, if after considerable wear, some pilling occurs, this can be removed by inexpensive battery operated depillars. Woven products will only require 1-2 applications before pilling ceases altogether and will thereafter last a lifetime. A light steam press will further rejuvenate the garment. Knitted products cannot be treated in this way as you may risk cutting the fabric. However, pilling is unlikely to occur in knitted garments.

My products are an investment to be treasured and are not designed to be part of a “throw away” culture. With a little extra care you will reap the rewards of enduring comfort and warmth.